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We can help you find the best solution

When engineering problems become very complex, numerical optimization can help you find the best solution. At Aeolus, we can support your product development in the field of multi-disciplinary design optimization, we are specialized in solving optimization problems. We use modern algorithms tailored to your design challenge.

We can also help you in the field of aerodynamic analysis or structural analysis.

Find the optimal aerodynamic shape

We use our in-house potential flow solver for fixed-wing aircraft and propellers for your aerodynamic analysis and loads development.

Or, get help with structural analyses for your next product development, and rely on over 10 years experience in aircraft primary structures for GA aircraft, airliners, UAVs, UAMs, and sailplanes. We perform structural analyses using FEM and hand calculations for composite or metal structure.

In this video you see a short demonstration of the aerodynamic shape optimization capability of Aeolus ASP

Find better design alternatives, tailored to your needs